DJ Alok Character in Free Fire: Unlock for Free of Cost

DJ Alok character in Free Fire is the most widely accepted icon in FF. If you are the one who is looking to get the Alok for free of cost? Then, you are at the right place. Know the secret ability and the effects of Alok with proper explanation.

Every month Garena is coming with an OB update. Every OB update is introducing a new Free Fire Character, Gun Skin, and many other features. In November 2020, real DJ Alok made a collaboration with Free Fire Developer Team. Soon, he became a Character in Garena Free Fire.

Who is DJ Alok in Garena Free Fire?

Actually, Alok is a famous Brazilian DJ and musician. He produces DJ music and songs in different languages. Looking at his popularity, the Free Fire Developer team made the partnership with him and introduced the whole new Alok Character.

DJ Alok Free Fire Character

Alok’s real name Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo and he has emerged as the most powerful and loving character in Free Fire since 2021.

Alok, which came with 599 diamonds in Free Fire. The amount for a character is high because of his fan-following, which has increased over the last few years.

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Quick View Alok Character

Character NameAlok
Announced onNovember 2020
Good NameAlok Achkar Peres Petrillo
Birth Day26 Aug
Age28 Years
Native CountryBrazil
ProfessionDJ Music Creator
Free Fire Cost599 Diamonds
SkillActive Skill
Special AbilityAura
MotoDrop the Beat

Alok’s Ability and Skill in Free Fire

Alok has the most famous ability called Drop the Beat. When it reaches the maximum stage, it can replenish 5HP per second for a cumulative period of 10 seconds. It also generates a round of 5 meters, which increases health and its overall speed. It can improve the teammate’s HP.

What makes DJ Alok character Alok so special?

Alok is most popular among gamers due to its unique features. His mystically created five-meter aura helped it to increase speed by 15%.

DJ Alok Aura in Free Fire

Gamers in the game can level up this character up to six levels as it increases its abilities. It will improve the skill and add some talent to increase the efficiency of this character at each level.

Also, this character helps to protect your teammates within five meters close to them. It is truly a unique ability not found in any other characters. This makes so special from others characters in the Free Fire.

Pricing and Rewards of Alok

The DJ Alok Character costs 599 FF Diamonds. If you have a discount coupon, then you can get it at 499 diamonds. Again, you can purchase the DJ Alok bundle spending 1199 FF diamonds. In the Alok bundle, you will get 5 Beat compressor rewards. They are as follows:

  1. Glasses (For Sunny Days and bright Lights)
  2. Top Shirt (Perfect to make beats)
  3. Bottom Pant
  4. Shoes
  5. x900 Universal Fragment

DJ Alok Real Photos

How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire?

While there are multiple tricks to get DJ Alok Character in Free Fire, we have given you the safest method to grab or unlock the character free of cost. We start with the standard purchase options:

  • First, you have to open Garena Free Fire on your phone.
  • Next, you have to click on the ‘Store Option’ in the free Fire.
  • On the main page of free Fire, gamers have to click the ‘Character’ option.
  • After this process, opens your gateway to buy all free fire characters.
  • Afterward, you have to Scroll down and find Dj Alok in the list to purchase.
  • Then, click on the ‘Purchase’ button to purchase the character.
  • It will redirect you to the ‘Purchase Confirmation’ page. Gamers can apply a redeem coupon to avail additional discounts on this character DJ Alok on this page.
  • After you apply to redeem code, click On Purchase.
  • When you complete this method, you can easily access DJ Alok and enjoy your game with this powerful character.

Tricks to get free DJ Alok in Free Fire

There are many tricks on google, but we will share amazing tricks that will help you get in free of cost.

In the Free Fire game, the price of this character is 599 diamonds which is a considerable price! However, it would help if you did not worry about how we can unlock Alok for free in the game.

In this guide, I will tell you valuable tricks to own this fantastic character of free Fire DJ Alok so that you can enjoy the game. Let’s start to discuss the methods.

1) Using Free Redeem code

This is the best way to unlock this powerful character free of cost by just using redeem code.

While purchasing the characters, gamers can use the redeem code, which will help you get this character free of cost or get a discount while purchasing this character.

You can find many redeem codes on the various websites (Games Kharido, Free Fire that will help you access this character free of cost and help you enjoy the game.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Another good trick to get Alok free of cost in the game is with the help of Google Opinion Rewards. It is an android app that is available on the Google play store. In this app, you can get rewards for doing online surveys, give ratings to any app and forms.

Google Opinion Reward

On completing a particular task in the google opinion, users will get or receive a Google Play Gift Voucher, which helps you purchase anything in the play store. Using these gift vouchers, you can buy the character of DJ Alok for free of cost. . This trick has become quite famous for games that want this character DJ Alok free of charge in the game.

3) Free Fire DJ Alok Character Airdrop method

It is also an easy trick to unlock this character for free in the Free Fire game with the help ofAirDrop method. In the Free Fire games, some players occasionally get Airdrops which give a chance to get this character for free 

Airdrop for Alok Character

Inside this dropbox, gamers have a chance to win DJ Alok Characters. In this offer, you can also have an opportunity to get many things such as skin types, free diamonds, emotes, and guns, along with many more surprise rewards. Some players have to give some amount to claim the AirDrop box.

4) Paytm First Games Google Play Voucher

You know that Paytm First is one of the best fantasy tournament gaming apps. In this app, you can bid and play many games.

Paytm First Game

Also, Paytm First conducts Free Fire tournaments at a low entry fee. You can play this tournament as if you win the match; you can claim Free Google play vouchers. Later, by using this coupon, you can quickly get DJ Alok character for a Free in-game

5) Free fire Diamond Hack method and Diamond generator

Both are amazing tricks to get the character free of cost. With the help of these methods, you can quickly generate many diamonds in the game, which will help you get this character free of charge and help to purchase many things, including gun skin, clothes, car skin, and many more. You can find this tool and hack it on many sites. These tricks are safe and easy to use. Follow Free Fire Diamond Generator methods to get more Details.

Most Asked Questions (MAQ)

How to get DJ Alok Characters Free of cost?

You can unlock or get DJ Alok Character Free of cost in the game, using different tricks. We have described some of them in this post. Do apply these tricks and grab the free DJ Alok character.

Is it safe to hack Alok Character in FF?

As we have described earlier, the hack of DJ Alok Character is unsafe for you. You can enjoy the character for a limited period, but Garena may impose a permanent ban on your ID after that. Hence, it’s safe to unlock DJ Alok Character using legal techniques.

What are the role abilities of DJ Alok?

Alok is one of the most popular characters in the free fire game as it helps many players to improve the skills in the game. When this character reaches the maximum stage, it can replenish 5 HP per second for a total of 10 seconds and also creates an atmosphere of 5 meters, which can supplement teammates’ mhealth and increase their speed.

How to open the Alok character in free shooting?

There are several free methods for users to obtain diamonds, and these tricks will help you obtain Alok in FreeFire. Google opinion rewards are one of the easiest ways to get diamonds for free. All players must download the app from the Play Store app and enter all necessary information. The number of surveys and rewards varies from user to user.

How many diamonds are needed to get DJ Alok’s free shot?

You must spend 599 diamonds to purchase the DJ Alok character in Free Fire.

Is DJ Alok Character based on real people?

Yes, DJ Alok is based on real-life as Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo is the inspiration behind creating this fantastic DJ Alok in the Free Fire.

DJ Alok Character Review
  • Abilities - 8.5/10
  • Movement Speed - 7/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Popularity - 9/10


DJ Alok Character in Free Fire has good ability. He can save his partner within 5m. The Drop the Beat ability helps to stay alive for a long time. Hence, we have given up to 9 ratings in these sectors. The bundle price of DJ Alok is high. Still, it has huge popularity. What is your feedback about Alok Character let us know in the comment section.

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