How to get Elite Andrew character in Free Fire for Free?

The Garena battleground game has recently added a new Free Fire Character called elite Andrew. Now unlock it without spending any diamonds from your wallet. Also, we will be sharing a review of this new FF character.

As you know, Free Fire has already given the Andrew Character for Free of cost. But during the Free Fire World series Singapore event, the Garena is distributing the new upgraded version elite Andrew Characters.

The Elite Andrew character is going to make available for Players only on 29th May 2021. Hence, if you want to keep this character in your Free Fire ID, then unlock it now for Free of cost.

In this post, we have described the steps to unlock this character. Before that, let’s know the Ability and other details of the Character.

Free Fire’s New Elite Andrew character 2021

The Elite character is the upgraded version of the original Andrew. Every new t old FF players already using this characters.

Free Fire's New Elite Andrew character

Due to the FFWS-2021 event, the Garena decided to Giveaway the new character to players. Before OB 28 update, the players can unlock him by completing some specific tasks.

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Short Introduction

Character NameElite Andrew
Announced on29-May-2021
Birth Day25 Dec
Age42 Years
CostComplete Event
Skill TypePassive Skill
Special AbilityWolf Pack

Character’s Ability and Skill

The original Andrew character has a passive ability called Armore Speciaity, where the Elite version has Wolf Pack passive ability. This ability will help to decrease 2% vest durability loss.

Apart from this it also boosts the Armor damage reduction by 2%. If your teammate carries the same character, then the damage will reduce by 15%.

How to Unlock Elite Andrew Character for Free?

There are three steps that you have to follow to unlock the Elite Andrew in your Free Fire ID.

  1. Free Fire World Series After party Claim
  2. Complete Pain and Gain Mission
  3. Awaken and unlock the Character

Let us move and see the steps one by one.

Free Fire World Series After party Claim

This is the initial and mandatory step. Do follow the procedure mentioned below

Step-1: First of all, open your Free Fire App on your Mobile. Click on the FFWS Cup icon from the right top corner.

Step-2: Now a beautiful FFWS screen will appear. Click the After party button from the left Top Corner. Collect the FFWS-2021 Backpack and Andrew Awakening Emblem.

Complete Pain and Gain Mission

Step-3: After that, come back and navigate to the Character Section. Click on the Andrew Character icon> Select Elite Andrew> Obtain.

Complete Pain and Gain Mission

Step-4: Now click on the Go button and start completing the Pain and Gain Missions.

Awaken and unlock the Character

Step-5: Once you complete all missions, Unlock all the pictures and click the Awaken button. Your Character will be unlocked for Free of Cost.

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Elite Andrew Character Review
  • Ability - 6.5/10
  • Moving Speed - 6/10
  • Popularity - 6.5/10
  • Pricing - 9/10


Normally Players can get the Andrew Character for Free by completing some tasks. During the Free Fire World Series event, this character is made available for Free. You should claim it as soon as possible. Because after the FFWS final you may need to give more effort to unlock this character.


  1. Free of Cost
  2. Passive Skill
  3. Good Looking


  1. Speed is not so Good
  2. Ability is no popularity

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