Free Fire 4th Anniversary Calendar 2021: See Details Here

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Calendar: Free Fire is the most popular mobile battle royal game in the world. Free Fire is the only game on the Google Play Store with over 500 million downloads. Free Fire was first launched in August 2017.

Fire runs an event that comes with some special bundles and some new costumes and some gun skin. Some of them are available for free, while others come on web events where players remove items through diamonds.

Recently, Free Fire has announced a collaboration with Dj Duo Dimitri Vegas and Dj Thiva. This collaboration is for the 4th anniversary of Free Fire.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Calendar

In this post. We’ll see how and when Free Fire is offering free items for its fourth anniversary. Free Fire creates a calendar, lunch for each event giving that event’s Free item how else to get it.

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Here are the dates for the Free Fire 4th Anniversary Calendar:

Sl noEvent NameStart DateEnd DateItem
1.4th Anniversary Party 20 August5 SeptemberBundle, Granite skin, surfboard
2.Lone Wolf Mode Opens 20 August29 AugustNew Mode
3.Login 7 days 23 August1 SeptemberBag Pack Skin
4.Complete Missions20 August5 SeptemberToken Exchange
5.Exchange Tokens 28 August5 SeptemberDiamond Royal voucher
6.Anniversary Quiz 20 August29 AugustProfile Pin, Parasuit
7.After Match Drop Token (4x only on 28 Aug)20 August5 SeptemberPink Token
8.Booyah Now28 August5 SeptemberMonster Truck Skin
9.Login for Free Character28 August28 August DJ Thiva Character
10.Class Squared Cup Challenge 1.028 August28 AugustDetective Panda Skin, Avtar, Banner
11.Play to get Magic Cube Fragment28 August28 AugustCube Fragment
12.Class Squared Cup Challenge 2.0 3 September3 SeptemberGold Royal Voucher

Briefly Discuss about Free Fire 4th Anniversary Calendar

Free Fire’s anniversary event will start on August 20th and will be the first date of the anniversary party It will run till September 5 and will have the Anniversary Bundle, Granite Skin, and Millennial Weapon Skin. A new mode will also open on August 20, which will remain open till August 29. A Monster Truck skin will be available on Tune-Up for the 4th event on August 21st or last through August 30th. From 20 August to 5 September there will be an event with a Turkish after each match, 1 after the Bermuda match, and 2 after the class square.

September 28 is the peak day of anniversary celebrations. If you log in, the Thiva character will be completely free and if you play Thiva on the same day, you’ll get the Thiva Fragrant to level it up. You will get one skin of backpack. The Kill for Emotions event will have one emote, which will begin on August 28 and end on September 5. Meanwhile, the Diamond Royal voucher will get another panda skin at the Panda Party event.


When does the Free Fire 4th Anniversary event start?

It starts on 20 August at 4 A.M

It is necessary to complete all the missions?

If You want to get all the free rewards, then it is necessary to complete all the missions.

How to get the anniversary special bundle?

After 20 august you will get some tokens after completing a match when you will play the Bermuda match you will get an x1 token and when you play the class squad match, then you will get x2 tokens after getting some tokens then exchange the anniversary special male bundle in the exchange section.

The Anniversary special bundle is a male bundle or a female bundle?

The Anniversary special bundle is a male bundle.

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