Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack Setting 2021: One-tap Shot

In the Garena Free Fire, can’t you kill your opponent directly with a perfect Headshot? Here is the Advanced Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting hack. So that you can kill the enemy through a one-tap shot.

Free Fire is the most popular battlegrounds game around the world. Due to good looking Skin and extraordinary weapons, players love playing this game.

The main intention of the game is to live till the end in the battle ground. For this you have to make all the other enemies the gates of death. To do this, you have kill them using headshot.

However, players face lots of issues while shooting the headshot. Either they miss the opponent’s head or unable to fire at the right time. Sometimes, the Free Fire App setting creates problems. But don’t worry, in this post of Free Fire Live, we have given the Headshot hack tricks along with the settings.

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Free Fire Auto Headshot Sensitivity Setting: 2021

Is there any sensitivity setting that will boost the Headshot in the game? In fact, there is no such mandatory setting needed. But Yes, you have to do some special hack settings in your App, that will make it easier to shoot directly.

Hence, to do the Free Fire Setting, open your Free Fire App and Visit the Setting options of the App. Then Do as per the instructions mentioned below.

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Free Fire Basic and Sensitivity Settings for Headshot

This the very important and sensitive setting across the Game. You have to make the appropriate changes to unlock smooth headshot.

Select Graphics to Ultra High. If you choose standard or smooth, the Auto Headshot may not work perfectly. Hence, it is recommended to use the Ultra-High Graphics settings.

Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting

Keep all the sensitivity setting to 0. It will give better performance.

Control Setting for Auto Headshot in Free Fire

Use the following setting in the control page.

  1. Aim Precision: Default
  2. Left Fire Button: Keep Always
  3. Quick Weapon Switch: Off
  4. Quick Reload: Off
  5. AWM Sniping: Hold Fire to Scope
  6. Vehicle Control: One-Handed
  7. Auto-Parachute: On
  8. In-Game Tips: Default
  9. Damage Indicator: New
  10. Auto Switch Gun: Off
  11. Visual Effects: Classic
  12. Hitmarker: Classic

Auto Pickup Free Fire Setting

Keep everything On from this section, except Special Equipments. Lastly, make Auto Pickup Speed to Fast. This will boost your gaming experience.

Sound and Other Settings

There is no such specific Sound settings required for a perfect headshot. You can keep this setting as per your wish.

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Free-Style Free Fire Auto Headshot

FreeStyle One-shot Headshot is a good technique for Free Fire Players. Those who are willing to achieve more success in their gaming carrier should start practicing this style.

You might be noticed, popular YouTubers like White FF, Total Gaming, Crazy Gamer Vki always use this technique. Now the question is how they use this?

Guy’s they follow some simple steps for firing. Let me explain in this post.

  1. First of all, do all the required Free Fire Auto Headshot settings mentioned above.
  2. Keep all the Buttons on the left side of your screen. Because keeping only Fire Button on the right side will release pressure from your Right Thumb. So that, you can Freely Fire towards the enemy. Free Fire Headshot Button Setting
  3. Always, Drag your Fire Button vertical for Firing. It will release the Bullet instantly. FF Bullet Fire Position
  4. After Spotting your enemy, click on the Jump Button and Fire Button once. Once, your bullet is released, press the Glow Wall button followed by Sit Up button.
  5. Use Long Range Gun with a silencer for a better Headshot.

However, you can watch this video for live practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Hack Headshot in Free Fire?

    Head shot in Free Fire is a skill. You can not hack anyone’s skill. But you can develop it in yourself.

  2. Is there any Technique available for Free Fire Auto Headshot?

    There is no such feature available in the Garena Free Fire Game. If you are searching for any tools, then I would like to inform you that, any external Apps or tools may cause harm to your Mobile. But nothing will work on your Device. The Garena Maintains High security.

  3. How to learn One-Tap Headshot?

    First of all, practice makes a man perfect. So, you should start practicing the headshot in your phone. I have described some tricks make headshot easier. Try to follow them.

  4. Which character is best for Headshot?

    There is no such specific character available for Headshot. You can use any character for this. However, the Laura Character has more accuracy rate than other characters. You can use this character for the proper headshot. Also, Jai Character has better reload speed than others. You can also try.

  5. Which Gun is best for Direct Shot?

    As of now AWM is the best long range Gun for head shots and M1877 is the best short range Gun for this.

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