Free Fire Max Pre Registration Start: Know How-To Register.

Free Fire Max Pre Registration: India has the most significant number of Free Fire players in the world. Free Fire was initially designed only for low-level mobiles, but as time went on, Free Fire grew in size, as the new Free Fire costumes came with many new maps and new items. But no matter how hard I tried, the graphics didn’t work, so I had to launch Free Fire Max. It has very nice graphics, which is not different from Free Fire, but its graphics are much better than Fire Fire.

free fire max

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Difference Between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX


It is probably the main reason that people would play MAX over the original. Free Fire has the highest graphics setting in Ultra, but Free Fire Max has the highest graphics setting in Super Ultra, in which players can enjoy even better objects, special effects, and character textures.

2. Improved Draw Distance

The draw distance is an essential feature in a game like Free Fire – many engagements occur in longer ranges. In Free Fire, Max Garena introduces a better drawing distance to view the more significant area from a particular point. It is the advantage for MAX players when going against regular players.

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3. Game Size

The game size is another significant difference between the two versions. Free Fire MAX will be three times larger than the regular version, at 1.5 – 2 GB without an extension pack or map pack. Therefore, the new version will also lead to more consumption of storage space.

4. Higher resource consumption

You would need a device of at least 4GB of RAM or more to run MAX in a good setting. The regular version takes at least 2GB of storage, and all the extension packs are needed more space than 250MB. Without it, you can not run the Free Fire on your device.

free fire max

5. New features

In addition to storage and graphics, Free Fire will add some new features such as a 3D lobby that can view in any 360-degree lobby, a new 3D map that will only be available to players playing Free Fire Max, some new guns, free The maximum scope in Fire is 4x scope. Still, in Max Version, there will be an 8x scope add. The running style of the character will also change.

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How To Do Free Fire Max Pre Registration:

Firstly The Pre Registration Starts For Android User If you are an Android user. You have to go to Google play store and search Garena Free Fire MAX. Then, you will see the new app, then click the app; then at the top, you will see a Pre-Register Bottom and click the ok bottom, and you will be registered to the Free fire MAX.

free fire max registration

You can click here For Free Fire Max Pre Registration.

Rewards For Free Fire Max Pre Registration.

Garena is on a spree to give rewards to its players. Players who pre-register for Free Fire Max will get a Cyber MAX Loot Box. Garena mentioned the following terms for players to be eligible for the reward. Pre-registration reward offer only valid to users who pre-register on Google Play during the pre-registration period.

A pre-registration reward is received when the game is installed. Offer not valid in countries where the game is not distributed by the Garena or was already available for installation. Offer not valid through third-party websites. To receive the pre-registration reward, you must be logged into the Play Store with the same Google Account that you used to pre-register for the game when you open the game for the first time.

free fire max rewards
Sl.NoIteamsNo Of User Register
1Male pant50 Lakh
2Gold Royal Voucher1 Crore
3Face Paint1.5 Crore
4Surf Board Skin2 Crore
5Female Hair3 Crore

Invitation Rewards For Free Fire Max Pre Registration:

Sl.No Iteams No Of invitation
1Female Boot1 User
2 Female Cap2 User
3 Female Top3 User
4 Loot Box Skin4 User
5Diamond Royal Vaucher5 User
  1. Can I Register without Google Play store?

    No, you can not register without google play store

  2. If I register and do not download the game can I get the rewards?

    No, The rewards only received when you download the game.

  3. What is the size of Free Fire MAX?

    It is around 1.5-2.0GB without extension pack

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