Free Fire MOD Apk Download November 2021 (v1.62.2): Get Unlimited Hack Diamonds for Free

Garena Free Fire MOD Apk Download: Friends, everyone cheats in the game, some people get caught and some secretly surprise everyone. Do you also want to do such type of cheating with your friends in the Garena Free Fire? Well, for this you have to download this modified hack version app of Free Fire.

Free Fire MOD Apk Download

In this post, I will give you information about such Free Fire apps from which you can make unlimited Diamond Top-up whenever you want, unlock your favorite characters for free, and can get their premium items for free.

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Garena Free Fire MOD Apk Latest version v1.62.2

Application nameGarena Free Fire MOD Apk Rampage
Current Versionv1.62.2
Package DeveloperGarena International
Apk Size640MB+ 40MB (OBB)
Last Updated on02-November-2021
FeaturesUnlimited Diamond, Free Character
Game TypeSurvive till the End

Why people Download FF Modified App?

First of all, let us tell you that the Garena MOD App is developed by making some changes in the program of the original app. But the question is why do you need this? You all must be playing Free Fire with your friends. In the game, your friends may be playing better than you or you may be playing better than them. Out of these two junk cases, you never want to be left behind. You always want to do something new and advanced. That’s why you want to download this app.

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Special Features of FF Hack MOD Apk

The popularity of the Free Fire MOD app is increasing day by day. What are the features in this app that attracting players towards it. Let’s know the complete information.

Unlimited Diamonds

Free Fire Free Diamonds

Friends, this mod Free Fire has been designed by performing some hack methods for you in such a way that it can Generate Unlimited diamonds of your choice. With this you will never feel the shortage of diamonds and you will not have to buy diamonds. You Can Get Free Diamonds Without Top Up.

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Free Fire Auto-shot

Free Fire Headshot Button Setting

It is very difficult to fire a head shot in Free Fire. Sometimes while firing a gun, the bullet does not hit the enemy’s head directly. But with the help of this FF MOD app, you can hack the head shot firing. You can hit a straight head shot whenever you want.

Unlimited Medikit

Unlimited Health

This is a very unique feature. While playing Clash Squad matches, you will get unlimited health. You do not need to search for Medikit and use it.

Access to All Characters

DJ Alok

You might have a wish to play the game with your favorite character. But due to lack of money and Diamonds, you are unable to unlock them. But let me tell you here, in this app, you can access all the Free Fire Charcters (like DJ Alok, Chrono) free of cost. You can play unlimited times using any character.

Unlimited Gloo Wall

Unlimited gloo Wall Hack

The Gloo wall is a protective shield that protects you from enemy bullet. But it has some limitation. You can not use this shield unlimited time. However, in this Free Fire MOD Apk, we have unlocked unlimited Gloo Walls for you. You can use it as much as you can. You o not need to pay a single Diamond from your wallet.

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Free Fire MOD Apk Other Features

  • After installing the Free Fire MOD Apk, you need to Login using your Facebook Account. After that, you will get 50000 Free Diamonds in your wallet.
  • There will be no limit of Gold Coins. You can use as unlimited Coins for any purchases.
  • All the special and Premium guns are free to use. You can choose your favorite Gun like M4A1, Rilfel, AWM Snipers, Ak47, etc. for the game play.
  • Somehow, players have a fear of the ban. Let me clear here, this app has a special Anti-ban Feature that will prevent the ban.
  • The Most beautiful features of this app is that, you can easily land at any place.
  • Get free Gun Skins, Bike Skins, Gloo Wall Skin as per your wish. You do not need to invest Diamonds from your wallet.

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How to Download and Install the Free Fire Hack Mod Apk?

  1. First of all, Click on the Download Link. Download Both the Apk and OBB file from there.
  2. After that, Extract the file and Save them in your Local Storage.
  3. Next, Allow the Unknown Source Installation from the setting.
  4. Now start the installation process.
  5. After installing the Apk file, Copy and Paste the OBB file in the proper location
  6. Then start using the Application.


  1. Is the Free Fire MOD apk is safe for Download?

    Yes, the Garena Free Fire Mod App is safe for installation. It is 100% virus free.

  2. Will I get unlimited Diamonds in the FF MOD App?

    Yes, we have unlocked unlimited Diamonds in the new FF MOD Apk.

  3. Weather it is the Rampage version MOD Apk or Not?

    Yes, the MOD Apk is a Free Fire Rampage version Apk.

  4. What is the pricing of the Application?

    The available Garena Free Fire MOD Apk is totally free. You can download it unlimited time.

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