Free Fire OB33 Advance Server: Know How to Download the APK and How To Get Acess code.

Free Fire OB33 Advance Server: Every battle Royale game has to be updated after a certain amount of time. Similarly, India’s number one battle Royale game updates every two months. Players cannot play the game on that day. Before this update, some players have given an advanced update advanced server to know the problems encountered in the game. And can tell other players about the upcoming updates.

free fire advance server

In this post, we shall mention the Free Fire OB33 Advance Server Download. on this web page you will be able to download FF Advance Server online

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What is Free Fire OB33 Advance Server?

With the new update that Garena Free Fire has introduced, the server, it was based on the Singapore server, the users will be able to try and use new features in the game. These were believed to work entirely in the official game. Talking about the game’s purpose, the users will now be able to identify glitches and bugs.

 Also, these bugs and glitches can be reported to the officials. Users who wish to try the Free Fire Advance Server APK download should note that the application is invitation-based. That means, once you download the app, developers select players and send them an invitation code that activates the beta version. 

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How to Register Free Fire OB33 Advance Server.

free fire advance server download
  1. Go to the Free Fire Advance Server OB29 website, click here to go.
  2. Since this is a new update, you will see that the homepage talks about the Advance Server. There are three steps mentioned on the site.
  3. Here, you have to go to the Sign In option to sign in through your previous account.
  4. After that, you have to sign in successfully with your Facebook id and then, you see a download button on the screen.
  5. Through this, you get a Free Fire OB29 APK for moving ahead.
  6. Next, you get to install the Free Fire Advance Server OB29 update APK file. You have to select the Install From Unknown Source on your phone to download Free Fire OB29 APK.
  7. Finally, when the game is available, you can download it.
  8. After download you need to enter an activation code which is provided by Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Update Release Date and Time.

The Free Fire is yet to announce the official release date of the latest OB30 stable version. However, one should expect it to be available around 3rd August.

What can users expect from Free Fire OB30 Advanced Server?

Players of Garena Free Fire should note that the original game and the one published on Advanced Server aren’t very different. However, since the latter was only meant for testing purposes, users can expect the game to be less robust and have minor glitches and bugs. They should also expect new characters, skins, and maps.

free fire advance server expetation

The Advanced Server APK gets released every two months and often just one week before the game’s official release date. The development team relies heavily on the information given out by players to smooth out all issues they face. Therefore, only a select number of players get a chance to try new features.

  1. What is the file size of the FF OB33APK that is available on the website?

    The APK file size available on the website is 768 MB.

  2. Will my Free Fire account be deleted if I log into this server?

    No, your Free Fire account will not be deleted a new account will be created on the Singapore server.

  3. Will all registered users have access to the Free Fire Advanced Server?

    Only 5000 users selected by Garena all around the world will be eligible to play on the Free Fire Advanced Server. The others will enter a waiting list and may enter at a later time.

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