How To Increase Your Level Very Fast in Free Fire?

How To Increase Your Level Very Fast in Free Fire: Garena Free Fire Is Trending Game In 2021 with 500 million+ downloads. Free Fire has positioned itself as a successful mobile battle Royale game in which players win every match of the game with their brilliance.

Like every game, Free Fire also has a level system. Leveling up is a well-known addition that is added into almost every game category because it’s one of the things that separates the newbies from the pros up top.

How To Increase Your Level Very Fast in Free Fire

Today you will know the best ways to increase the level of Free fire in x2 speed quickly.

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You can Increase and Max Out Your Level In free fire by playing every day for 2-3 hours or more according to Your time adjustment. Your level Will Increase fast If your account is new or If your free fire level is below, then 30 But after 30 Levels Your Free fire Levels Increase Very slowly.

If You play Continuously for 1 year, So you can reach Easily on 70+ Levels. So here Are some Powerful tips and tricks to Increase Your Level Of free fire.

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Play Safe Not Rush

If you really want To Boost Your free fire level, So you need to play safe In the ranked game. Most of the players like to play aggressive In ranked mode But If you want to get High EXP then you need to play safe and secure.

You can choose a safe place to land and survive a minimum of 10 Minutes and when Only 10 Players are alive In Match You can Rush On them. This is the best way to Get High EXP in the free fire.

How To Increase Your Level Very Fast in Free Fire Using EXP Cards

EXP cards can be used by players that want to level up quickly in Free Fire. Players will notice a significant increase in their experience level in the game as a result of the EXP cards, which double the experience points in every game.

free fire exp card

They can visit the Power-Ups section to acquire some of these cards and quickly raise their level. You Can log in To Guild daily To Get a free EXP Card. You can also get the 50% EXP Card from Diamond Royal and free fire events.

Play Only Ranked Game

If you want to Boost Your free fire level so You need to play the Only Ranked game. If you play a ranked game You will Get more EXP, compare to All Other modes available In-game. If You have 2X EXP cards, then Your Level will Increase 2x speed.

The clash squad mode is also available In Rank Mode But You Will Get very Low Exp In the Clash squad, So Play Only the Raked Game To increase Your Level fast and Rapidly.

free fire rank match

Spending/Purchasing Diamonds:

In Free Fire, when a player tops up or buys diamonds, he or she will gain some free EXP points. These additional EXP points will assist them in leveling up their character more quickly in Free Fire.

In addition, the player can perform several in-game activities to gain extra experience points and raise their game level.

Completing Daily Missions

Extra EXP points can be earned by completing daily objectives or activities. The daily missions can be found near the game’s map area. Players can focus on completing the daily missions in Free Fire that will provide them with the most experience points which will help players to level up faster.

  1. How to Reach Highest level 100 In Free Fire?

    You can not reach At level 100 instantly. You need to play free fire For a Minimum of 2 years to reach Out the Max level In free fire. So try to play the rank game Using 2X EXP Cards and earn EXP to reach fast On level 100.

  2. What are Free Fire level Up Rewards And their List?

    Free fire Level up reward list is Not released By Free fire. Every player gets a different level Up reward. Most of the players get Gold coins as Level Up rewards. Most Of the players have Doubt Can I get diamonds In level Up Reward, So the answer is No. You can not get diamonds in level Up rewards.

  3. Which is the Free fire Highest Level?

    100 level is the highest level In Free fire You can reach max Level by playing continuously ranked games for 2 years or more.

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