Jai character in Free Fire (Hrithik Roshan): Get it for Free

Jai character in Free Fire is widely famous for the Indian artist Hrithik Roshan. If you want to unlock him for Free, then you must follow the complete post. Also, know Jai’s abilities, movement speed, and pricing detail.

There are more than 30 characters have been introduced by Garena Free Fire. In every OB update, you will get a new character. Every character has unique abilities and special qualities. You can use them as per your requirements. In this post, we will talk about Hrithik Roshan Character in Free Fire.

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Jai Hrithik Roshan Character in Free Fire

On 29th August 2020, Free Fire India made a collaboration with Indian Cinema hero Mr. Hrithik Roshan. If you are from India, then you have better knowledge about him. The developer team introduced Hrithik in JAI Character with a special Survival Ability.

Jai Character in Free Fire

Soon after the OB update roll-out, his fan started purchasing him from the Free Fire Store. Once upon a time, the Jai was the most popular and Powerful Character in Garena Free Fire.

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Life Story of Jai Character in Free Fire

The Garena Team has introduced Jai as a son of a soldier. His father Was martyred in a war for his lovely country. His father’s main aim was to bring justice for the innocent civilians who were killed by the enemies. Hence, he served as a soldier during his entire life.

Jai was very much inspired by his father. His main focus was to become a soldier. But unfortunately, he failed to join the Army. But his main goal is to bring justice for those.

Quick View of Jai

Character NameJai
Announced on29-August-2020
Good NameHrithik Roshan
Birth Day10 Jan
Age30 Years
Native CountryIndia
Cost499 Diamonds
Skill TypePassive Skill
Special AbilityRaging Reload
MotoSWAT commander

Jai’s Skill and Ability in Free Fire

In the Free Fire Game, Jai has a Passive skill. The complete Jai Character bundle comes with the special ability called Raging Reload. This is his exclusive ability. After taking down the opponent, the gun’s magazine gets automatically reloaded up to 45% of its highest capacity. That means you do not have to reload your Gun Manually.

In level-1, Jai has a 30% reload capacity while at the highest level, you will get 45% reload capacity. Here players should know that this ability works only for SMGs, Pistols, Shotgun, Snipers, and Rifles Guns.

Pricing and Rewards

You can unlock the Jai character using 499 Free Fire Diamonds. After unlocking the character, you can buy Jai bundle spending 799 Diamonds. There you will get four more Justice Fighter rewards. When Jai gets equipped, he can display his unique animation on the Spawn island. They are as follows:

  1. Top Shirt to hide his vest and protect from injury
  2. Bottom Paint (The defender of Peace)
  3. Shoe
  4. Universal Fragment

Jai- Hrithik Roshan Real Photos

How to Unlock Jai Character in Free Fire?

The Jai Character comes with the Jai bundle in the Garena Free Fire. It costs 499 Diamonds. Before proceeding forward make sure that you have a sufficient diamond in your Wallet. You can unlock this character using the following steps.

Jai Bundle in Free Fire

Step-1: Firstly, Open the Garena Free Fire App in your Mobile phone.

Step-2: Click on the bundle icon from the Left Side menu.

Step-4: Now scroll down and select the Jai bundle from the Character Bundle List.

Step-5: Use 499 Diamonds from your Wallet and unlock the Jai Character in Free Fire Id.

Free Fire Live Matches using Jai Character

Your Most Asked Questions

How to get Jai Character in Free Fire for Free?

First of all, you need 499 Diamonds to unlock the Jai Character in your FF Id. However, if you earn 500 Free Diamonds then you can easily get Jai Character for Free. If you are a new FF player then you can easily collect Rs.10 and Rs.29 Airdrops. There you can get 600+ FF Diamonds and you can easily unlock Jai Character Free. Again, if you are an old player, then use different earn Money Tricks and FF Redeem Codes and simply get Jai for Free.

How to hack Hrithik Roshan character in Free Fire?

Hacking is an illegal method. There is no chance to hack any Free Fire Character. If you use any illegal method, Garena will block your FF Id permanently. Hence, it is safe for you to stay avoiding any hacking trick for the Hrithik Roshan character in Free Fire. Try to use the methods mentioned in the Diamond Generator post.

What is the Ability of Jai in FF?

Every character has their special ability. Jai Character’s ability is Raging Reload. Using this ability, Jai can automatically reload the Gun just after killing one enemy.

Can I use DJ Alok’s ability in Jai?

Yes, Jai consists of Passive ability, you can use Jai or any character’s ability in Jai.

JAI Character Review
  • Abilities - 7/10
  • Gun Reload Speed - 9.1/10
  • Movement Speed - 6.5/10
  • Price - 7.5/10
  • Popularity - 7.7/10


Due to Jai’s Raging Reload, we have rated Abilities 5 out of 10. As the character Automatically reloads the Gun after one killing it deserves the Gun reload Speed 9. It has a normal Moving speed. What you think about Jai Character please mention it in the comment section. We are waiting for your feedback.

User Review
8.01/10 (32 votes)


  1. Auto Reload
  2. Kill Fast
  3. Low cost
  4. Use other character’s ability


  1. Average Movement Speed
  2. No self protection feature

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