Maro Character in Free Fire: Ability, Skill Specification

Are you eager to unlock the new Maro Character in Free Fire? Know complete specifications, abilities, skills, and other characteristics before paying diamonds from your wallet.

Garena Free Fire regularly brings new OB updates. In each update, they introduce a special new character with special skills and advanced abilities. Recently on the OB27 update, Free Fire introduced a new Maro Character. As you know, we provide every new Free Fire-related update and Free Fire Diamond Hack Tricks. So, this post brings complete information about the character.

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New Character Maro in Free Fire 2021

Recently Garena Free Fire has announced the upcoming new Character, Maro. As per the official notification, the Maro Character will be available for players on 29th May 2021.

Maro character in Free Fire

Maro is based on the Egyptian Actor, singer Mohamed Ramadan Mahmoud. In the Free Fire world, he is the first Arabic character.

Last month, Garena announced the partnership with Mohamed Ramadan. Now he is the playable character from this month. Using this deal, Garena put the footprints in the Golf-Africa reason.

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Maro Character Biography in Free Fire

As per the Garena, Maro is an animal lover man. He loves to make friendship with animals rather than human. He always thinks that man is well capable and can take care of everything around him. But some time human forgets everything and run in the bad destination.

So, he is trying to bring humans into the right root and involve them with beautiful nature. For this work, he wants to take the help of birds.

Instant Look up

Character NameMaro
Announced on29-May-2020
Good NameMohamed Ramadan Mahmoud
Birth Day23 May
Age32 Years
Native CountryEgypt
ProfessionSinger and Actor
Cost599 Diamonds
Skill TypePassive Skill
Special AbilityFalcon Fervor
SloganCompany of animals

Maro Character Ability and Skill

All FF players are excited to know the ability and skill of the new Maro character. Here, I would like to mention that the Maro Character in Free Fire has a passive skill called Falcon Fervor. You can use other character’s abilities in Maro Character.

This ability of Maro is a special survival ability. If the enemy is at a long distance, it creates 25% extra damage to the opponent.

In Level-6, the damage percentage is 25%, wherein the level-1, it is 10%. Watch the First Game Play with Maro Character

How much is the cost of Maro Character in Garena Free Fire?

Looking at the ability and skill, you can expect the cost will be 599 Diamonds. After that, you can use 1100 diamonds to buy its bundle package. Use Google Play Redeem Codes to unlock this Character Free.

Offers on maro

You can get the Maro Character Free of cost of doing a minimum Top-Up of 200 Diamonds. Also, you can unlock the Maro Bundle Free of cost on making 500 Diamonds Top Up. Read the post to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire in 2021 without Top-up.

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Maro’s Real Photos

Maro real image
Maro character Real Photo

How to Unlock Maro Character in Free Fire?

After the launch event of Maro Character, the Garena may run a Top-Up event. In that event, you will get a discount. Hence, if you are interested in this character, making purchases and unlock it. We have described a guide you can follow:

Step-1: Firstly, open your FF app on your mobile. Then click the Store page from the App.

Step-2: After that, you will see the Maro Character banner on the First Page. Click on it.

Step-3: Once you choose the Character, the ‘unlock for 599’ button will appear.

Step-4: Now press the unlock button. Then Maro CHaracter will be yours.


Should I use Free Fire MOD Apk to unlock Marco character?

No, Free Fire MOD apk does not provide any new Character. This character is available in the original app.

How to get Marco Character in Free Fire for Free?

You can unlock this character in FF for Free only if you have Free Diamonds. Hence, try to earn free diamonds using Free Fire Diamond Generation App.

What will be the cost of the new Marco Character?

The Marco Character’s cost is 599 Diamonds. However, on launch day, you can get it for 399 Diamonds only.

Maro Character Review
  • Ability - 7.5/10
  • Movement Speed - 6.5/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Popularity - 7/10


Maro Character in FF has a passive ability called Falcon Fervor. It only increases the damage capacity when the enemy is at a long distance. However, there is no such benefit available for the nearer enemy. We are also waiting for the full launch of the character. 

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