Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Player in the World

Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Player in the World: The increasing popularity of Free Fire has paved the way for several prominent players to begin their journey as streamers and content creators. This battle royale game was developed by 111 Dots Studio published by Garena for Android and iOS.

Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Player in the World

But it has become a big question for many Free Fire players, who is the number 1 player in Free Fire? Stop here if you are also searching for answers to these questions and want to learn the world’s best Free Fire player name list 2022.

Who is the Fastest Free Fire Player in the World?

Free Fire is currently dominating the Battle Royale genre in mobile games. The game is top-rated, with roughly 266 million downloads so far. It does not matter who has the biggest weapon in hand; it simply comes down to the first to locate the target and press the trigger.

Among thousands of Free Fire professional players and content creators, many fans wonder who is the fastest player in Free Fire. This article will be taking a glimpse of some potential candidates for that question and finding out about the world’s fastest Free Fire player in mobile.

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Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Player in the World

2TSG JashIndia123643969
3Sudip SarkarIndia97653930
4SULTAN PROSLOIndonesia16207002
5SK Sabir BossIndia55479535

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1. Raistar

Raistar is India’s Free Fire Legend Player, and everyone knows Raistar; his gameplay, reflex, and gunpower are excellent. Raistar is India’s Fastest Free Fire Player Of 2021 Raistar has 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube Channel, and He is very famous in India. He is so fast that some even consider him to be a hacker. His aim is accurate, and his headshot count is currently something to be reckoned with; he has a high headshot rate of 63%. Raistar’s Free Fire ID is 12022250.

Raistar's Free Fire ID is 12022250

Raistar has engaged in 4485 duo matches and has a winning tally of 706, adding up to a win rate of 15.74%. The internet star has 14355 kills, securing a K/D ratio of 3.80. The creator has played a total of 3529 solo games, and he has a consecutive win number of 401 games. He has maintained an approximate win rate of 11.39%. With 10,745 deaths, he kept a K / D ratio of 3.44.

2. TSG Jash

TSG Ritik and TSG Jash have formed a famous YouTube channel named “Two-Side Gamers,” They have garnered nearly 8 million subscribers so far. The Free Fire ID of TSG Jash is 123643969. To your surprise, their hard-working efforts have paid off as these guys are making seven-figure incomes per month. He is the best Free Fire player making it to the top 1% globally. 

Free Fire ID of TSG Jash is 123643969

TSG Jash has a remarkable winning rate of 23.6% by winning 1235 matches out of 6500 squad matches he has played. He also has maintained an excellent K/D ratio of 3.1, with about 15387 kills adorned to his name. He has played nearly 2440 matches in the duo mode and has surfaced victorious in 250. In addition, he has 107 Booyah! to his name in over 1305 matches in the squad mode.

3. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar plays very strategically at a decent speed. He was put on the list of top 1% Free Fire players in the world after succeeding in several seasons of Free Fire. In many situations, the ability to think fast and make the right decision is more important than quick movement. Sudip Sarkar’s Free Fire ID is 97653930.

Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID is 97653930.

Sudip Sarkar has played 27536 matches in the squad mode and has emerged victorious in 8435 of them. The player has a win rate of 30.63%. He has notched a mammoth 103829 kills and has maintained an exceptional K/D ratio of 5.44, having average damage of 1410 per match. In the duo mode, he has 154 Booyahs in 1222 games, racking up 3083 kills in the process with an impressive K/D ratio of 2.89.


SULTAN PROSLO is a very popular Free Fire player from the Indonesian server.  His YouTube channel has racked up approximately 9.5 million subscribers. His Free Fire ID is 16207002.

SULTAN PROSLO'S Free Fire ID is 16207002

He is originally named Dyland Maximus Zidane. His Free Fire ID is 16207002, and his IGN is SULTAN.INDO! SULTAN PROSLO has appeared in 831 squad matches and has won 287 of them. He has 2094 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.85.

5. SK Sabir Boss

SK Sabir Boss is another very good if not among the best Free Fire players in India. He comes from the BOSS guild and is excellent in long-drawn combat. SK SABIR has a YouTube channel with 4.24 million subscribers. Apart from highlighting matches and kills, he also made fun of Free Fire content for his viewers. SK Sabir Boss’ Free Fire ID is 55479535.

SK Sabir Boss' Free Fire ID is 55479535

In 8683 matches, he has been deemed unbeatable. Sabir has a winning percentage of 32.75%. With a KD ratio of 5.,27, he has 93892+ kills. SK SABIR has played over 2914 times in the duo mode and has won 603 games. He was owing to a win ratio of 20.69%. He has received 7902 frags at a K/D ratio of 3.42. SK SABIR has played over 1590 solo matches and registered victory in 142, having a win rate of 8.92%. He has registered 3236 eliminations to his name for a K/D ratio of 2.23.

  1. Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

    Currently, RAISTAR is considered to be the fastest player in the world.

  2. How KD ratio is calculated?

    KD ratio is calculated as the ratio of Total kills to total deaths.

  3. How do you raise the KD ratio in Free Fire?

    In case users want to increase their K/D ratio in squad mode, it is suggested they play alongside a team and avoid randoms.

  4. What is the full form of KD ratio in the free fire?

    Kill to Death ratio.

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