Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots for rank push

Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots: Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular games, especially in India and the craze of this game is on a whole other level. In Free Fire Max there is a rank system in which seven levels are available the levels are- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Heroic, and grand master. In each level, there are four phases.

Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots

Players make a concerted effort to move up through the game’s rankings in order to reach the highest levels because the competition in Free Fire MAX’s ranked games is fierce. Landing spots are one of the most crucial factors that can influence one’s overall rank push.

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Bermuda, Alpine, and NeXTerra are the three maps that can currently be accessed in ranked matchmaking for the battle royal game. It can be challenging to choose the best option because each of these maps offers fans a variety of distinctive locations to choose from.

Most gamers often get confused about picking up a suitable landing spot for their rank push. It plays a massive role in players’ in-game performance. So, they have to be careful about what they choose. Here, we will share the top 5 Landing spots in Free Fire Max for the rank push.

Note: Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots listed below are based on the opinion of the author. Readers’ individual choices may vary based on their preferences.

List of Top 5 Free Fire MAX landing spots for rank push

5) Mаrs Electric

The classic Bermuda map is packed with great locations, with Mars Electric emerging as one of the best options. It is located at the very bottom of the map, which is why many players do not land there. As a result, those looking for a risk-free experience will find this place to be a relatively safe landing spot.

You can find this location on the south of Bermuda maps. This spot often attracts fewer players due to the distancing location. Players are also recommended to scan Mars Electric for vehicles, as these allow them to move away more easily later in the match.

In comparison to other spots, the place is very safe. Players can easily avoid early fights here and will have decent loot that will suffice for the whole squad.

4) Snowfall

Snowfall is one of the safest locations that players can try out if they are on the Alpine map in Free Fire MAX. As its name suggests, the entire location is covered in snow.

It offers excellent loot, and It is located in the top left corner of the mаp. At this location, there are several buildings that gamers can use as cover before rotating out, depending on the formation of the play zone.

3)Mt. Villa

In terms of loot, Mt. Villa is one of the lowest visited areas of Free Fire max. Most players like to stay away from this area due to its lack of loot. However, players who want to rank push can land here. It is located in the far southwest corner of the map.

mt villa

The loot is only enough for one or two players so they have to collect all the items and visit the nearby areas. The area may not offer enough loot for an entire team, but it will suffice for one or two players.

2) Sunside

Sunside is number three on this particular list, and anyone willing to push their ranks can make the most of it. It offers a fantastic position on the map and features a few zip lines, allowing players to quickly escape an enemy squad if they wish.

There are several buildings and houses scattered around the area, where players have a better chance of finding loot such as weapons, armor, etc.

1) Riverside

It is located on the top side of the map.  The area contains a house uphill and some hunts downhill. Riverside is one of the safest places on the Bermuda map. If players want to loot, they can go to the nearby place named the Mill, which usually has a ton of loot. Players who want to push their rank tiers must visit this place.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, there are several other great landing spots present in Free Fire MAX. Here are some of the recommended locations:

  • Bermuda – Peak
  • Bermuda – The cap
  • NeXTerra – Museum
  • NeXTerra – mortar ruins
  • Alpine – Fusion
  • Alpine – Dock

Disclaimer: Landing spots in Free Fire MAX have to be determined by the plane’s trajectory. If the particular landing spots mentioned above aren’t in the path, gamers will have to compromise and choose another drop location accordingly.

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