How to get new Ryden character in Free Fire OB43

How to get new Ryden character in Free Fire: Free Fire, the immensely popular battle royale game developed by Garena, continues to captivate its player base with regular updates, introducing new characters, weapons, and exciting gameplay elements. The OB43 update has brought forth the formidable Ryden character, known for his unique set of skills that can turn the tide of battle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the steps required to unlock Ryden and harness the full potential of this dynamic character.

How to get new Ryden character in Free Fire

How to get new Ryden character in Free Fire?

Here are some tips.

Stay Updated for Exclusive Events:

In the dynamic world of Free Fire, staying informed is crucial. Garena frequently introduces limited-time events, promotions, and exclusive opportunities for players to acquire new characters. Follow Free Fire’s official social media accounts, regularly check in-game announcements, and engage with the community on forums to ensure you don’t miss out on any events related to unlocking Ryden.

Participate Actively in In-Game Events:

Garena consistently organizes in-game events that offer valuable rewards, including character fragments. These fragments are essential for unlocking Ryden. Navigate to the event section within the game menu and participate in events that specifically offer character fragments, vouchers, or other items that contribute to unlocking Ryden. Engage with these events actively to maximize your chances of obtaining the new character.

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Complete Missions and Challenges:

Free Fire presents players with a variety of missions and challenges that yield character fragments as rewards. Keep a close eye on the daily, weekly, and monthly missions available in the game. Completing these tasks not only provides you with character fragments but also enhances your overall gameplay experience. Be consistent in accomplishing missions to accumulate the fragments needed to unlock Ryden.

Strategically Manage In-Game Currency:

Free Fire features various in-game currencies, such as diamonds and gold coins. Wise management of these resources is crucial for acquiring characters like Ryden. Save your in-game currency by making thoughtful purchases and avoiding unnecessary expenses. By accumulating a sufficient amount of currency, you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of special offers or events that provide character fragments for Ryden.

How to get new Ryden character in Free Fire

Utilize the Power of the Elite Pass:

The Elite Pass is a premium feature in Free Fire that offers exclusive rewards, including character fragments. Investing in the Elite Pass can significantly expedite your progress toward unlocking Ryden. The pass typically comes with a set of missions and objectives that, when completed, yield character fragments and other valuable items. Consider acquiring the Elite Pass to fast-track your journey to obtaining the new character.

Strategic Tips for Unlocking Ryden:

  1. Prioritize Events with Character Fragments: When participating in events, prioritize those that directly offer character fragments for Ryden. This targeted approach will ensure you make progress towards unlocking the character efficiently.
  2. Optimize Mission Completion: Focus on completing missions and challenges that specifically reward character fragments. Plan your gameplay sessions to maximize the completion of these tasks and accelerate your journey towards unlocking Ryden.
  3. Coordinate with Squadmates: If you play Free Fire with a squad, coordinate with your teammates to collectively unlock Ryden. Team efforts in completing missions and participating in events can yield greater rewards for everyone involved.


Acquiring the new Ryden character in Free Fire OB43 is a rewarding endeavor that demands dedication, strategic planning, and active participation in the game’s events. By staying informed, actively participating in events, completing missions, and wisely managing in-game currency, you’ll find yourself well on the way to unlocking Ryden and unleashing his potent skills on the battleground. May your journey be filled with victories as Ryden becomes an integral part of your Free Fire experience!