TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID, headshots, K/D ratio, YouTube earnings

TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID, headshots, K/D ratio: Free fire is the perfect combination of Survival and battle games. Because of this, it has more than 500 million downloads only in the google play store. Garena Free Fire MAX’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent months and years. The game Free Fire MAX has been downloaded a million times, because of its premium quality graphics and great dynamics.

TSG Jash's Free Fire MAX ID

In this article, we will discuss TSG Jash who runs a YouTube channel, TSG Jash has more than 8.88 million subscribers and has received 1.83 billion views. Here, you will find TSG Jash Free Fire ID, Stats, headshot percentage, K/D ratio, monthly earnings, yearly earnings, and more.

As for Indian YouTube channels, Two Side Gamers, run by Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka, is undoubtedly among the most subscribed and viewed videos related to Free Fire. The duo is the founder of the TSG Army team, people enjoy their videos on their YouTube Channel which has 1.83 billion views. The duo cum team has won the Booyah Open 2021 tournament also. Let’s look at TSG Jash Free Fire Max ID, Stats, Rank, YouTube income, and more.

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TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID Overview

Free Fire ID123643969
Real NameJosh Dhaka
YouTube Channel NameTwo Side Gamers
Free Fire MAX NameTSG Jash
TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID Overview

TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID, headshots, K/D ratio and other details

TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID is 123643969. The YouTuber is ranked Gold 2 in the BR Ranked mode and Bronze 1 in the CS Ranked mode.

TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID Lifetime stats:

TSG Jash Free Fire ID is 123643969. He participated in 7150 squad games. Furthermore, the creator has defeated his opponents 1690 times, with a win rate of 23.63 percent. With a K/D ratio of 3.11, the gamer was able to acquire 16994 kills.

TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX ID Lifetime stats

TSG Jash competed in 2537 duo matches, winning 257 of them for a win percentage of 10.13 percent. With a K/D ratio of 2.19, the content provider has 4990 kills. TSG Jash has participated in 1390 matches. He has a win rate of 8.27 percent with 115 victories. With a KD ratio of 2.50, the player has 3183 wins in his name.

Ranked stats:

The content creator played and won a single, duo match to maintain a 100% win rate. At the same time, he’s chalked up 33 wins, the only game with eight total headshots, which translates to a 33 K/D ratio and a 24.24% headshot ratio.

After all, in the team games, he has played four games and has two wins, which is a win rate of 50%. With 82 flags and 31 headshots to his credit, the internet star maintains a 41 K/D ratio and a 37.80% headshot rate. TSG Jash did not appear in any solo matches in Free Fire MAX Ranked Season 29. Clash Squad Stats:

Clash Squad Stats:

The gamer has participated in 703 Clash Squad games, winning 388 of them for a victory percentage of 55.19 percent. He has a total of 3338 kills, 1087 of which were headshots with a KDA of 1.54.

TSG JASH Clash Squad Stats

Note: TSG Jash’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded on 24 October 2022. They are subject to change as he features in more games in the battle royal title

TSG Jash Free Fire MAX: YouTube Channel

The Two Side Gamers YouTube channel was initiated by Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jain in October 2018. In the meantime, they have posted around 1700 videos on this channel and collected 1.883 billion views which is quite a magical number.

The YouTubers came a long way after they gain 1 million subscribers back in 2019. TSG’s YouTube channel is now close to the mark of 11 million subscribers which shows its significant growth in the last two or three years. In the last month, TSG Jash’s YouTube channel has amassed 100k subscribers and 50.69 million views.

Estimated Monthly YouTube Earnings:

The Estimated Monthly Earnings of Two Side Gamers (Image via Social Blade) According to Social Blade, the Two Side Gamers YouTube channel generates between $7.2K and $115.7K in monthly revenue. Estimates for annual income range from $86.8k to $1.4m.

Estimated Monthly YouTube Earnings
  1. Who is the owner of the Two Side Gamer YouTube Channel?

    The Two Side Gamers YouTube channel was initiated by Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jain in October 2018. This Duo is also the owner of the YouTube Channel.

  2. Is Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jain are brothers?

    TSG Ritik and TSG Jash are well-known Free Fire Max content creators and YouTubers, They are brothers from another mother.

  3. What is the real name of TSG Jash?

    Jash Dhoka is the real name of TSG Jash.

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