Chrono Character in Free Fire (Ronaldo): How to get CR7 Free

Are you excited to unlock the powerful CR7 Chrono Character in Free fire? If yes, then you are in the right place. You do not need to pay a single FF Diamond from your wallet. Also read the CR7 Complete review.

Garena Free Fire is popular due to its multi-characters with different abilities and functionality. Recently, Garena has launched another new Character called Chrono.

This Character is based on the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. More details such as Ability, pricing, and Special powers are explained in this post.

Cristiano Ronaldo Chrono Character in Free Fire

19th December was that day, the team Garena Introduced Cristiano Ronaldo in form of Chrono Character. Ronaldo is a famous football player from Portugal. He is also known as CR7. He has a huge number of followers around the world.

Chrono Character in Free Fire

He has won FIFA’s Player of the Year five times and is the all-time leading goal scorer in the UEFA Champions League. Hence, the Garena has made a collaboration with him.

After the OB update in Free Fire, the Free Fire’s Chrono Character was made available for the public. Now anyone can purchase him from the Garena Store. Due to his ability, he is the most demanded Character in free Fire.

Other Characters in Free Fire

Chrono Life story by Garena

As per the theme of Chrono, he is a man from a different parallel universe. It indicates that, he is an alien. In their universe, they utilize higher and advance technology.

He was born in a normal family. His father is a lawyer. He always fought for the poor and below povety people.

Looking at his father, he has a kindness for these unsafe peoples. He is also aiming to fight for these people in his entire life.

Quick Study of Chrono

Character NameChrono
Announced on19-December-2020
Good NameCristiano Ronaldo
Birth Day05 Feb
Age35 Years
Native CountryPortugal
ProfessionFootball Player
Cost599 Diamonds
Skill TypeActive
Special Ability Time Turner

Chrono Character’s real Photo

Chrono Character Real Photo
Free Fire Cr7 Real Image

Chrono Character’s Skill and Ability

In the Garena Free Fire Game, Chrono’s Character has an Active Skill. Hence, you can not use its skill in other Characters. When you will buy the Chrono bundle, you can find his special ability called Time-Turner.

Using this ability, Chrono creates a force field. This field will block all damages from enemies. Another advantage is you can fire from the inner side of Force Field to your enemy,

At the maximum level, the Chrono can handle 600 damages from the opponent. When the character is placed inside the force field, the speed increases by 15%.

Pricing and Rewards

Chrono Character in Free Fire needs 599 Diamonds to get unlocked. After that, you can use 1199 Diamonds to purchase its accessories through Chrono Bundle. This bundle name is Bounty Bundle. In the Chrono bundle you will get:

Free Fire Chrono Bundle
  1. Shirt or Top
  2. Pant
  3. Shoe
  4. x900 Universal Fragment

Procedure to Unlock Chrono Character in Free Fire

  • Before clicking the unlock button, you should check your Free Fire Diamond Balance. Make sure that, you have more than 599 Diamonds in your Account.
  • Now open your FF Appliction’s Store Section.
  • You will see the Character list in there.
  • Search the Chrono Character from the list.
  • Finally, Click on the unlock button.

How to get Chrono Character in Free Fire for Free?

You are so excited to know the Free Process to unlock CR7. There are so many Tricks available in the internet. Everyone is giving different tactics of Free Unlocking.

However, there is no such direct method not available to unlock Chrocono for Free. But you can use the indirect Free Diamond Top-Up methods. You can visit our Free Fire Free Top-Up page for different Tricks. Still, we are giving you a working process to unlock without no human Verification.

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When your Friend will join and buy the Subscription, you will get Rs.300/- in your Paytm wallet. Use this cashback reward to unlock Chrono Character in Free Fire for free of Cost.

Chrono Character Gaming Video


  1. Is Chrono is a real human character or not?

    Yes, CR7 Chrono is a real human character. FF has made this character in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

  2. Can I hack the Chrono character in Free Fire?

    No, Garena maintains high security to their items. Also, the Payment is made through Google Play Gateway. Hence, You can neither hack Chrono nor any FF characters.

  3. Can I use Chrono’s skill in other Characters?

    No, Chrono has active skill. You can not use this character’s ability in other Character.

  4. Between Chrono and DJ Alok, which character is best?

    Chrono has a special ability called Time-Turner. Using this, he can create a Force field around him. This thing will only protect you from enemies. But Alok has an ability called Drop the Beat. When Alok uses this, the movement speed and HP gets increased. Between Alok and Chrono, Alok is better than Chrono.

FF Chrono Character Review
  • Abilities - 9.2/10
  • Movement Speed - 8.5/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Popularity - 9/10


The Chrono Character is one of the best character in FF. Due to Time Turner ability, players love playing with him. If you are using Chrono then share your thought below.


  1. Special Ability
  2. Good Performance
  3. Movement Speed inside Field


  1. CD period is 200 Seconds
  2. Running Speed is getting increased by 15%
  3. Force Field is valid for 7 seconds only

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